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Advanced Pharmaceutical Selling Skill


Masum Chowdhury


Sales Management

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Overview of this training Pharmaceutical selling is different, entirely different from the usual ‘Selling’. The unique concept is that the person who is in fact paying for the drugs is not the decision maker. The decision maker authority is someone else… The Doctor. The patient or the end user, in turn is the doctor’s customer. So basically, two customers need to be satisfied, the doctor and the patient.
The job of a pharmaceutical salesperson is also very interesting in the sense that he has nothing to ‘sell’ to his customer on the spot, nor can he deliver a live demonstration. He has to sell the concept, the research, the features the benefits and the scientific knowledge, a job that is much more difficult than it is perceived. But still, there are thousands and thousands of pharmaceuticals sales people in Bangladesh doing a job and satisfying their ever-demanding customers.
The role of a pharmaceutical salesperson has shifted over the years from a typical salesperson to that of a consultant or a facilitator. Knowledge has made the difference. A lot of customers now depend on pharmaceutical salesperson for advice on the use of one drug or the other since the bank of information is increasing in size day by day.
Full day training is specially designed with a very practical knowledge for Brand Management team, Sales Management team and Marketing Management team. This training will cover SMART sales call objectives, Opening Skill, Exploring Skill, Satisfying Skill, Closing Skill and Relationship Selling skill. All the topics will be covered through the real life illustration.
After successful completion of the training the participants will be able to:
  • Make a powerful first impression during sales call.
  • Become an expert on Sales call opening, exploring, satisfying and closing.
  • Realize that preparedness is important for every sales call.
  • Set Clear Targets and Goals for all sales call.
  • Rehearse and practice all sales calls through role plays.
  • Know how to develop liaison with total practice.
  • Focus on benefits of your product rather than its features.
  • Understand the complete model of selling skills.
Who can Attend?
  • All entry and mid level sales and marketing professionals.
  • Brand Management Team.
  • Sales Management Team.
  • Marketing Management Team.
  • Market Services Team.
  • Customer Relationship Management Team.
  • Medical Services Management Team.

Training Methodology
Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint presentation, Video, Case Study, Role Play, Practical and Real life examples.
Contents of Training: Session 1: Pharma Sales Call Opening
  • Sales Call Opening Skill
  • Relationship Building Technique
  • Relationship building in pharmaceutical selling
  • Relationship building outside doctor chamber
  • Relationship building inside doctor chamber
  • Purpose of sales call opening
  • When to open the sales call
  • How to open sales call
  • Uncommon ways of Opening
  • Opening for the coach
  • Summary of Opening Skill
  • Role Play of Opening Skill
Session 2: Exploring Skill (Customer need assessment)
  • Why exploring is important?
  • What is Need?
  • What is a need gap?
  • Types of needs
  • When to explore
  • How to explore
  • The Characteristics of good questions
  • Types of questions
  • Exploring Technique
  • Summary of Probing skill
Session 3: Satisfying Skill
  • What is satisfying?
  • When to satisfy?
  • How to satisfying
  • Respect the customer needs
  • Provide appropriate feature and benefits
  • Check for acceptance
  • Sell technique for effective satisfying
  • Summary of Satisfying skill
  • Role Play
Session 4: Closing Skill
  • When to close
  • How to close
  • Avoid closing in the following ways
  • Summary of closing skill
  • Role play
Session 5:
  • Best use of Pharmaceutical waiting time
  • Overcoming double blind visit of MPO/AM/RSM
  • Health Care System in Bangladesh
Certificate Giving Ceremony Training Fee – Tk. 5,000 (Per Participants)

Our Main Teachers

Md. Masum Chowdhury is working in the Brand management, marketing and sales department for last 14 years in three fastest growing pharmaceutical companies of the country. He is currently holding the position as a Chief Learning Officer at Institute of Learning & Development (ILD). He started his career as a Hospital Pharmacist at Central Hospital, […]

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